Fourth Grade Supplies


4 pocket folders w/ prongs

(red, blue, green, yellow)      

2 pkgs. WIDE ruled notebook paper 

4 pkgs. #2 pencils  18-24 count each (USA Gold or Ticonderoga- sharpened please!)                                                     

2 Glue Sticks                          

1 hand held pencil sharpener                                     

1 pair Fiskar scissors ("Big Kid")                                                  

1 box crayons                                                             

2 Red Pens

1 pkg. washable colored markers                                                                    

1 pkg. colored pencils                                                

1 box quart size Ziploc bags (girls)                           

1 box gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)                         

2 one subject spiral notebooks                                   

            4 Composition books                                                 

3 containers Cloroxdisinfecting wipes                                 

1 pkg.fine tip dry erase markers (of 2 or 4) 

2 BROAD Tip dry erase markers (blue or black)

2 pkgs. of Index Cards                          

1 bottle scented hand sanitizer                                                

             4 boxes of Kleenex

              1 set of headphones (Koss) NO EARBUDS!